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We make everything from scratch and utilize fresh local ingredients (when able).  Our gravy is homemade and cooked low and slow for several hours to develop a ton of depth and flavor.


Our cheese curds are the real deal; authentic squeaky cheese Wisconsin. Our fries are also hand cut daily and fried in delicious peanut oil for extra crispiness.


Our Peameal Bacon is brined for several days in our secret spices to cure the pork and give it its awesome pink color when fried up! 

We also make amazing Montreal Smoked Meat! Its dry cured, then smoked low and slow and if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for??


Owners Matt Vymazal and Christie McIntyre met in college at Kutztown University. Christie is Canadian from Brampton Ontario Canada, Matt being American from Lenhartsville PA had never heard of Poutine before. After one night of drinking in Toronto he had his first poutine and was hooked ever since. They made it their mission to bring authentic poutine to the USA and since then have expanded their menu to more than just the fries, cheese and gravy dish. They make peameal bacon, montreal smoked meat, and desserts like butter tarts and naniamo bars, all from scratch. 

Matt used his culinary skills from working for many years as a chef at a local country club to try and recreate some of Christie's favorite Canadian dishes. After the frustration and disappointment of dining out, seeing poutine on the menu and then realizing it wasn't the same as home, they knew they had to take it into their own hands to create something REAL. They tested recipes day after day, making gravy and peameal bacon, over and over again for a YEAR! Until, finally it tasted like the real deal BUT, they thought...they cant be only ones who crave these Canadian culinary creations... and after more planning, the Flying V brand was born. 
They heard Canadian geese fly overhead one day when serving up food to friends and family and it clicked...mighty ducks, geese flying in V formation...THE FLYING V!! 

From there they started the Flying V pop up tent, and drove around to breweries and offered up this new foreign food. Before they knew it there were several Canadians that caught wind of the V and their authentic Poutine. From there they grew by serving at festivals and other events until one day they were able to afford the FOOD TRUCK!

After two years of trucking all over the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, and New York City we decided to land in our NOW home of Bethlehem, PA. We signed a lease on the space March of 2020 right before the pandemic hit hard. With the support of the community we were able to open in August of 2020. The brick and mortar allowed us to expand our menu to more Canadian cuisine items other than just poutine. We have laid down some deep roots on the south side of Bethlehem and look forward to growing in the future!

Some awesomeness that is worth noting is we were a Smorgasburg vendor based out of Brooklyn NY. That means we pop a tent up every Saturday from April - October serving the city the best poutine south of the border. We have be featured at the Food Network and Cooking Channel's Food and Wine Festival Festival in NYC, Matt was a selected talented chef for the USA today Food and Wine Festival in NYC, and Christie was nominated as a top influential Canadian in NYC in 2019. We have also been nominated as Best Food Truck in the Lehigh Valley 3 years in a row and are a staple food vendor at the largest free Music Festival in the USA
(Musikfest). We have also won the award for BEST french fry in the Valley by Lehigh Valley Style Magazine. 

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