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Canadian Cuisine - POUTINE it on the map!

(get it?)


We make everything from scratch and utilize fresh local ingredients (when able).  Our gravy is homemade and cooked low and slow for several hours to develop a ton of depth and flavor.


Our cheese curds are the real deal; authentic squeaky cheese Wisconsin. Our fries are also hand cut daily and fried in delicious peanut oil for extra crispiness.


Our Peameal Bacon is brined for several days in our secret spices to cure the pork and give it its awesome pink color when fried up! 

We also make amazing Montreal Smoked Meat! Its dry cured, then smoked low and slow and if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for??


Matt and Christie Vymazal met in college at Kutztown University. Christie was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario Canada (a city outside of Toronto). A TRUE Canadian through and through, eh. Matt grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Kutztown called Lenhartsville.


After Christie graduated from college, she went back home to the Great North while Matt frequently visited her (just couldn’t get away!). Like any Canadian, Christie LOVED eating Peameal Bacon sandwiches and that mouthwatering Canadian Poutine that you probably have heard of it but never knew what it was all about. So, of course, she introduced Matt to these heavenly flavors.


Soon enough, Matt was in love with these Canadian cuisines as well.


After Matt put a ring on it, they were joyfully married in May 2014!


A constant struggle for Matt and Christie was that they both craved some Poutine and Peameal but had absolutely no luck finding it in the states.


They wondered “Why did the US not catch on to these delicious creations from Canada?”.


After too many meals without satisfying their Canadian cravings, they started making these dishes at home. With Matt using his 6 years of culinary experience working as a chef at a country club, and Christie bringing her creative food flavor ideas to the table - it was the perfect pair. One day, they decided everyone should be able to eat something this good! Why should the Canadians hog it all!? (totally pun intended)


While recovering from a food coma after eating their homemade Pountine and dreaming of having their own food truck, they heard the Canadian geese flying south for the winter…


…At that moment, THE FLYING V was born.



“We hope you enjoy Canadian food as much as we do.”


Cheers Eh.


Matt and Christie V

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